about the artist

Gerrit Brodmann, born and raised in Braunschweig, autodidact, already during school photographer for lokal magazines, absolved an 6 month internship at photo-veteran Heinrich Heidersberger on castle Wolfsburg, before he applied for study at the “HbK Braunschweig” (academia of arts) with charcoal drawings

There he changed focus again to photography and its border areas.
First exhibits followed e.g. at Kunsthaus Essen or Mönchehaus Goslar between well known artists as Cindy Sherman and Christo.
Early focusing on own projects with the inclusion of the public, the „One Minute – Random“ project, an old armchair mutation into a stage in the city, was a big success with over 600 participators, also observed by press.

After study concentration next to artistic producing on individual works and advertising photography. Some points to be mentioned are a Braunschweig edition of Monopoly, a cooperation at Thomas Struths Pergamon project, the in the scene famous “LARP macht sexy” (“LARP makes you sexy”) series, where classical poses and motives are transformed humorously into the fantasy and role-player genre and not to forget his Scandinavian landscapes photographies.