the project

The consequent use of the available mobility is planed. A trip is brought to the users at home on the PC and the mobile devices in real-time. Viewers all over the world will have direct access to the incidents, can share the travel live with the pictures of the mobile camera.

During the tour from Braunschweig to the North Cape in Norway the trip will be broadcasted live to the art interested audience worldwide on the internet or mobile devices. From the morning to the evening a live picture will be uploaded via cellular mobile telephony every 60 seconds.

Whether at home on the computer or somewhere else with the mobile, viewers can take part of the tour, during driving the car, on the ferry boat or sightseeing by foot.

Thereby a special fascination will be result from the blatant opposite of the raw nature Norways vis à vis the used modern technology.

During the project I will have only few control on the results. The camera sees what I see, the picture is taken automatically. The pictures will be shot at random, giving them a special authenticity, hardly can be reached from posed and planed pictures.

To give more interaction and closeness to the viewers, a blog will be written every evening. As a matter of course there can be left comments or asked questions.
The project is a cooperation with Netzlink and will be embedded into their MOSIS (Mobile Secure Interaction System)

During my travel I will give away little sheets with a multilingual short summary of this project and the link to this site to the curious passers-by.